Kate Bush inspired midi files.

Army Dreamers 1

Army Dreamers 2


Cloudbusting 1

Cloudbusting 2

December Will Be Magic

The Kick Inside

Under Ice

This Woman's Work 1

This Woman's Work 2

This Woman's Work 3

Oh England My Lionheart

Wuthering Heights 1

Wuthering Heights 2

And Dream Of Sheep 1

And Dream Of Sheep 2

The Big Sky

Breathing 1

Breathing 2

Constellation Of The Heart

Don't Give Up

Don't PushYour Foot On The HeartBrake

The Fog

Handsome Cabin Boy

Heads We're Dancing


Hounds Of Love


The Jig Of Life

The Man With The Child In His Eyes 1

The Man With The Child In His Eyes 2

The Morning Fog

Mother Stands For Comfort

Moving Stranger/Under The Ivy

Never Be Mine

Night Of The Swallow

Oh England My Lionheart

Rantan Waltz

Red Shoes

Rubberband Girl 1

Rubberband Girl 2

Running Up That Hill 1

Running Up That Hill 2

Sat In Your Lap

Suspended In Gaffa

There Goes A Tenner

Top Of The City


Some of this midi files can be wrongly played when using Windows 98.