Her comments during interviews about cosmic related topics.


Do you believe in ufos and life on other planets?


I really believe in UFOs, and I don't see why there shouldn't be life on other planets. We haven't got off this planet yet, really, so how can we say if there is or isn't. It seems unlikely that we would be the only ones. There have been so many reported that I'm sure they exist, and I really hope I see one - and a whale and a giraffe up close. (1980, KBC 5)



If vegetarians are against the killing of animals for food, why don't they object to them being killed for leather?

I think there are a lot of vegetarians who are against animals being killed to make leather, and they do go out of their way to wear rubber and plastic shoes and belts, but I think that there is a practical side to it, as well. Leather is very warm, and it's nice to look at, but it does require a lot of effort for most of us to make a different choice from the normal, and I find myself that I do wear quite a few leather shoes. Not that I consciously buy them because they're made of leather, but I do have a few, and I think it's something to do with the tradition of leather being used in clothing. But there's no excuse for the mass production of leather, and I think it comes down to effort and how far you really want to go. It's up to you in the long run.


You are a vegetarian and yet you wear fur coats. Why?

I don't wear fur coats. I haven't got one. I don't own one and I don't believe in wearing them - I may have occasionally been in photos with one, but it wouldn't have been mine. It would have been one that I'd borrowed because it was very cold; for instance in Switzerland, when I did the Abba special. [In fact, as far as I know, that was the only time kate has ever been seen in a fur. - ied] But I don't believe in people wearing fur coats, I think it's very extravagant and again, I think people don't tend to associate the clothes with the animals they come from, especially the rare animals that some of the coats are made of. You can get incredibly good imitation ones now - I've seen ones that I thought were real fur and they weren't. They're really fantastic, and they cost less, too.

You say in interviews that you don't eat meat because you don't believe in eating life. But you eat plants, and they are living things. Why?

I do eat plants, and I know they're living, and I'm fond of them, but I think you have to find your own level. I could live on pills, but I don't think it's very human to do that - that is something we dream of in the space age: food without texture or mass. I don't think plants mind being eaten, actually. I think they'd be really sad if no-one paid that much attention to them. I appreciate them very much for the things they give me. I'd be very sad if there weren't any vegetables, and normally it isn't the actual plant that's killed - it's the fruit or vegetable that's taken off. I think this is the purpose of plants, that they grow to be eaten. The only problem is that it has become a very mass-produced market, again, and that the really natural, unchemicalised environment doesn't really exist. Too many chemicals are used on plants, but while there is a demand for brightly coloured food in pretty packets, that's how it will carry on. But you can get fresh, organically grown vegetables. You can grow them yourselves, and if you look around and ask, you'll find that there are a few shops and some local farms that sell vegetables that have not been grown in chemically fertilised ground. (1980, KBC 5)



I was wondering would you have liked to live in a different time. Because you tend to mention re-incarnation quite a lot.

Yes. No, because I'm very happy in this particular lifetime, thank you. And I think all lifetimes have their own ups and downs and I'm really happy to be here. I think it's a good time.

Do you think you might have lived before, then. Had some kind of previous life?

I don't know, it's very possible. But it's not the sort of thing you'd remember. And I just believe that soulless entities and people that work on themselves will come back in some form. All that energy just can't go, it's gotta go somewhere.

Have you had a feeling though that ever you might have been born before?

I get feeling that I've done things before, and whether it was a past life or a future life or just something, I don't know. I get a lot of feelings thought that when I'm doing something for the first time that it's happened before. (1979, Personal Call)


Do you think, kate, if you were hypnotised, I mean what do you think you might, perhaps, sorta life you might go back to.

[Laughs] I'd give away a lot of secrets, that's for sure. I don't know. I think that's a very, very interesting to do. And there have been a few books written by people who have gone through this regression. I don't know if it is very healthy actually, I personally wouldn't do it. I think it's very interesting thought. And I can't say about my past lives or whatever, I don't know.

Cause it's the very foundation of the buddhist religion, for example. They believe that the soul was never ever born. It just is, it's eternal, it was never born, it will never die. It will go on reliving and reliving until eventually it finds a resting place and ultimately finds a nirvana, where it doesn't have to be reborn anymore.

Hmm. I think that beautiful. I think that's such a beautiful...

 [Both laugh] (1979, Personal Call)




I try to work on myself spiritually, and am always trying to improve my outlook on life. We really abuse all that we've got, assuming that we are so superior as beings, taking the liberty of sticking cement stuff all over the place. I think there is a lot to astrology, and the effect the moon has upon us all, but I hate the way it's becoming so trendy now.
I'm a vegetarian, and now that's trendy as well...but what annoys me the most is the way people are so automatically cynical about astrology. I mean, the Greeks put an incredible amount of hard work into carefully planned geometric charts, based purely on mathematics. People just shrug it off. It's the same with coincidence, as I said in the song ``Strange Phenomena'' (1978, The Blossoming Ms. Bush)

However, I do believe in spirits, and I also believe that people communicate by much more than word of mouth. There are people like beacons sitting on top of hills. You must have some friends that you can just feel calling you some days. They're just saying ``help!'' and you pick it up. (1980, ZigZag)

Is there one material thing above all others that you don't have right now, that you would like to have?

No, nothing material, no.

Is there anything else, spiritual or otherwise, that you don't have?

Oh yeah! Now that's a completely different area. That's huge. You see the material is so superficial, and it really doesn't matter. What it's good for is comforts. And it can help you sorta get things done quicker, that sort of thing. The other side is the real side, that's the real riches of your life. And I've got a long long way to go there, I mean spiritually, as a person. And a lot of things in my behavior pattern that I would love to change. So that I could...

[Like] what?

Very personal things. I don't really you could even put a label on them, little behavior things that I know I do that are stopping me from doing more things. Like maybe a certain kind of laziness I have about certain things - I think oh no [Makes lazy motion]. If I could make the effort again in these little areas I could be getting more. Things like that. (1980, Profiles In Rock)

How do you mean, have a good time?

Well, you could have a good time. If you're worry, then your skin shows that you're very worried, I think, everyone knows that. Have a good time, that's what it's for isn't it, life.

You obviously enjoy yourself and you're obviously very happy...

I am.
(1981, Looking Good, Feeling Fit)

Have you any religious beliefs?

No. not, not ones that I could name. I mean, I do believe in certain... I suppose, cause and effect is something that I would believe in a bit, but whether they're religious beliefs, I don't know.

"Cause and effect'' - explain that.

Well, I think if you behave I a certain way, then that energy will come back to you. the boomerang syndrome.

So the more positive one is in their thoughts and actions, the more positive life they will lead? And vice versa?

Ah, yes, I would... I think there is a lot in that. I think there's also a lot in that if you are positive and can be, even if things around you aren't necessarily coming back, at least you cope with them better.: so you think there's this sort of powerful force behind it all? Yes, I think it's actually a survival technique, a self-preservation where if you can always keep coming back, keep coming up again, not staying down there, then you're going to get a lot more done, you're going to be a lot more in control of what's happening than if you're depressed, unhappy. (1985, Profile 6)

Is it hard work being up all the time, or are you just naturally sort of bright and look upon the world with a positive sort of feeling?

No, I don't think I've very positive sometimes, I think I'm quite negative at some times, you know. But I think there's always the feeling in me that there's no reason for me to be negative because everything's great, so why be negative? And then I feel better. [Laughs] (1982, Unknown BBC interview)




Do you believe in astrology?

Um, I think there's a lot in astrology. I think it's a very ancient, well mathatically planned out thing that a lot of people boo-hoo. And I think it's very unfair, because there's a lot of very strong, scientific knowledge in there. I think it's been commercialized a lot, which is why people become so cynical. But I think the fact that people are born at a certain time, on a certain day, with stars in certain position is bound to to have some effect on that person because we are ruled by everything around us.

So, every morning when your morning paper comes you grab it and sorta leap through to your horoscope and see what your days going to be like?

Oh, no. I don't believe those, I think they're rubbish. They're just someone who's made a generalized, commercial thing for the people to entertain themselves with. I think real astrology, there is something in it, yeah. (1979, Personal Call)



 Do you lead your life by any sort of set rules or set standards.

Oh, yeah. I have what I call my own religion. I think everyone's got their own religion. They are various certain things I stick by.

Such as?

Such as not eating meat. Such as trying to be aware of people around me and doing my work and trying to be positive about it. I think being positive is very important.

Well, I would like to ask Kate... Well I believe I already have the answer... I would like to ask Kate if she believes in god?

Believe in God? Well I think there are a lot of Gods and I certainly believe in my God, but I wonder if it's the same God as yours.

Thanks, Jim! (1979, Personal Call)