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the Kuddels

Jul 10 2007 10:42P

Thank you for being friends.
Love you're Sound girl!
greetings from Hamburg
"the Kuddels"

Jul 10 2007 5:38P

Thank you again for adding me.
Hoping this page will last!

Jul 10 2007 4:18P

Thank you Babooska...

Jul 10 2007 4:12P

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Greetings kate, Thanks for the Add and welcome aboard, always loved u and yr music, Wicked profile page,Cheers
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Ray Jorden

Jul 10 2007 3:38P

Hey Kate,

Hows things, Hope all is well and your week so far is going great.

Have to say that I listen to Moments of Pleasure often, as its a wonderful song that means alot to me

Be nice to hear from you sometime

Ray x

Jul 10 2007 3:32P

Kate you are so wonderfull thank you for all the great music!!!
Austin Emile Centolella

Jul 10 2007 9:30A

Eurasia Paukenschlag

Jul 10 2007 2:55P

...Hello Kate, have a honey-bunny week...
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Jul 10 2007 1:30P

hi Kate,
Thanks for having me in your space.
Hope you are having a good week.
Cat x

Jul 10 2007 12:40P

I look up to you so much. My dad introduced me to your music when I was very young, and it has influenced me ever since. I think the first song I taught myself to play on the piano was 'Wuthering Heights', in fact!
quasimodos late night express

Jul 10 2007 11:48A

thanx for the add... and when I'm king, I'm just beginning...

Jul 10 2007 10:16A

Hi Kate
Thank you very much for the add.
Peace,love and freedom......FRED.

Jul 10 2007 6:12A

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Jul 10 2007 4:18A

plese check new songs. listen, comment, download. enjoy!


stop povetry&polution!
Gary Everest

Jul 10 2007 3:34A

thanks for the add kate,have a great week,would be nice to no what you think of my tracks
gary x
Thierry De Cara

Jul 10 2007 1:05A

hey Jean philippe !! thanks for the add !!! nice to meet you!!! hope you like my music!! see ya thierry de cara
Les July

Jul 9 2007 8:51P

The Following Video Has Been "Kate Approved "


Add to My Profile | More Videos
Gerald Vance

Jul 9 2007 1:55P

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Michel Héroux

Jul 9 2007 1:37P

Thanks a lot for the add !
I'm a big fan ...
Michel Héroux
chemistry works

Jul 9 2007 1:06P

thanks for the add,,i hope you can support our nights,,your voice is like no other,,love and peace from sunny cleethorpes

Jul 9 2007 1:04P

Hi, may be a daft question but just wondering if this is really Kate Bush, or a fansite?

Jul 8 2007 7:30P

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Jul 8 2007 5:14P

Thanks for your frienship. We borrowed your song for my profile.. sending love your way from the Soul Patrol lounge :)
Infinity Yoga - Michelle Adele

Jul 8 2007 1:14P

Namaste Kate,

Thank you for adding me as one of your friends. Friendship warms the heart and soul just as a sunset careses the landscape.

Running up the hill is an inspiration and always will be. So powerful, so true. Sat Nam!

Om Shanti, Love and Light

Michelle Adele
Children's Yoga Teacher

Jul 8 2007 12:57P

I will always love her..what an inspiration of a woman she is.
Candlelight demonstration for more humanity

Jul 8 2007 12:21P

Thank you for your ignited candle in the Candlelight demonstration for more humanity!

Vielen Dank für Deine angezündete Kerze in der Lichterkette für mehr Menschlichkeit!

Jul 8 2007 11:54A

Thanks for the add!

Jul 8 2007 11:52A

Thank you for accepting my invitation!
Marek "Zelazny" Zelazowski

Jul 8 2007 8:56A

Thank you, Love!


Jul 7 2007 9:47P

Im a fan....and your an inspiration...thankyou...

Jul 7 2007 3:58P

love you so much Kate,thank you for the add!runnning p that hill I'll see Pete GAB next!

Jul 7 2007 2:20P

Thanks for the add
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Jul 7 2007 8:02A

MySpace Comments

Jul 7 2007 6:24A

will keep on listening u :-)loves..thnks

Jul 7 2007 5:22A

Profile Jewels @
have a lovely weekend
much love xxx debbi
Mandy & Steve

Jul 7 2007 4:41A

Just wanted to say a huge THANKS for adding me....I've loved your music for so many years now and much to everyone elses dismay, I continue to attempt (I do mean attempt) to sing along at the top of my voice!!
So Thanks for many years of happiness :)
Mandy xx

Jul 7 2007 4:32A

Thank you for checking out our music !! xx

Jul 7 2007 3:45A


Jul 7 2007 2:31A

Thanks for adding me and best of all, for finally coming back after all that time. We really missed you.
Love from Marvin.

Jul 6 2007 9:57P

THANKS for the add. Long time since I really sat down with your music. You've always had so much to say in clever, deep ways. Beauty in the depths. Peace.

Jul 6 2007 3:33P

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AD KATE, LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR MUSIC. The Sensual World remains my favourite album of all time for various reasons. Thank you for your creativity and talent which continues to astound and amaze me. have a lovely weekend.
much much love and admiration, Nick xx
Vita Sackville-West

Jul 6 2007 3:30P

Greetings, darling!

Jul 6 2007 3:03P

Thank you for the add Kate
Anouk G

Jul 6 2007 2:14P

"Avec elle je ris
Et les sursauts de mon ventre
Font trembler la terre
Avec elle je ris,
Elle est le bouillonnement sauvage
D’un torrent de montagne
Qui polit les cailloux
Avec elle je ris
Et mon rire comme la lave des volcans
Met le feu aux choses inutiles
Avec elle je ris
Je ris comme une louve
Une sorcière
Un enfant
Je me moque de moi
Et du temps qui passe"

doux week-end

Jul 6 2007 8:52A

Hi Kate, thanks so much for the add, any tours planned ?
The Flickers

Jul 6 2007 6:57A

Comments for MySpace

Comment Codes

I've been a big fan from from the first single,
all the best
Karen ♥

Jul 6 2007 6:45A

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sorry it's been a while Kate
i hope you are well & happy !

loads of love to you

karen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jul 6 2007 6:36A

THX 4 add,MRS Bush THX.

Jul 6 2007 4:21A

Thank you Kate.

Your debut appearance on Top of the Pops with Wuthering Heights was so welcome!

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